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Extreme! Extraterrestrial! …Peridot?

August 1, 2018

If you could symbolize the waning days of a Minnesota summer in a gemstone, we’d choose peridot. Its color, a vibrant green hue is akin to the lushness of a healthy lawn. Gem quality specimens are clear of any cloudy inclusions: just like the perfect late summer day.

Gemologists, like those at GIA, call peridot an extreme gem. One can see why: Earthly specimens are found in molten lava and deep within volcanic mantle rock. In 2005, the NASA sponsored research satellite Stardust picked up trace specimens of peridot from the tail of a comet.

Peridot, like opal, is kind of misunderstood in jewelry. Being a softer stone, 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it isn’t the best candidate for every day wear. It isn’t as well known in comparison to its green cousins emerald or tsavorite garnet. However, fine examples of peridot with intense saturation provide a unique alternative to traditional green stones—and a perfect match for an August birthday.

peridot 18kt gold and diamond earrings

peridot 18kt gold and diamond earrings

Emeralds make very serious earrings. Peridot makes them fun. The slight lime green hue of peridot adds just the right amount of panache to a pair of drop earrings. The stunning example of peridot in these earrings, set against 18kt white gold, gives a perfect amount of color peeking behind longer hair. With almost .90ct in pave set diamonds surrounding the peridot, these earrings are the perfect accessory to your evening on the town.

peridot 18kt white gold diamond ring

peridot 18kt white gold diamond ring

More women are noticing that you can, in fact, wear rings in addition to your wedding set. Done tastefully, you’ll coordinate with your outfit flawlessly and avoid looking dated. Peridot is a good start! This ring features an exquisite 14.17ct (!!!) oval cut peridot surrounded by just the right amount of a diamond halo. It would look fabulous at your next garden party, or any occasion where you want to carry the color of summer on your finger.

Peridot is also the traditional gemstone of the 15th wedding anniversary! What better way to celebrate than to add some color to your jewelry wardrobe. These peridot pieces play well together and also with any diamond jewelry already in your collection. The intense color saturation of peridot makes a big statement with any outfit or ensemble.

peridot and diamond earrings and ring set

To learn more about peridot, or any gemstone, contact us at JB Hudson! We’ll make the waning days of your summer just a little bit more sweeter with a new piece of jewelry for your collection.