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Introducing William Henry: Not Your Dads Pocket Knife

August 20, 2018

Your dad probably carries a pocket knife. It probably stays hidden, inside the front pocket of his pants, until someone realizes they need a blade. He pulls it out: a plastic case encloses a worn steel blade. It does the job, but it’s boring. Pedestrian. Just another tool.

Your dad probably doesn’t carry a William Henry pocket knife. It would get talked about a lot; removed from his pocket anytime someone would listen. He pulls it out: awing over the exquisite craftsmanship and superior utility. It does the job, and it looks like nothing else out there.

Not used to pocket knives that looked quite like these? Underneath all the decoration is a functional tool: something that can be both beautiful and useful. The ornamentation: natural gemstones, petrified wood, fossils— all add to the beauty.

No matter how ornate they may appear, William Henry does intend for you to actually use your knife. All knives are first tools, remember. William Henry believes luxurious items should overwhelm you both in appearance and in functionality.

It should be no surprise that their blades have consistently won awards; owing to their construction tolerances of 5/10000th of an inch. In nineteen years of operation, William Henry has taken home fifteen Blade Awards (from knife-industry magazine Blade). No matter the blade material: from modern stainless steel to ancient Mokume Gane, William Henry will refinish and sharpen their blades for life—at no cost to the owner.

Adding to the collectible factor, William Henry makes their knives in editions, usually of 100 pieces worldwide. While you may see similar themes running throughout their collection from year to year, no two editions are exactly the same. You can identify each knife by the blade number, engraved near the thumbstud, and the serial number, engraved on the top edge of the case.

While their knives are by far their top seller, William Henry also offers a complete line of mens accessories. Cuff-links, pens, bracelets, pendants, and money clips are all constructed to compliment the extreme detail of their knives.

All William Henry knives are finished by hand in their studio in McMinnville, Oregon. Their studio employs about 30 full time artisans, blade-smiths, and jewelers. While some of their blades are struck by master craftsmen all over the globe, final assembly and finishing is all done in the United States.

JB Hudson is proud to offer a full assortment of William Henry products at both of our locations: the flagship store on Nicollet Mall and our new boutique, The Loupe by JB Hudson. (To read more about The Loupe and our swanky host Martin Patrick 3, click here) To set up an appointment to view these fascinating works of art, please reach out and contact us here.