Loupe Looks: Amedeo

October 15, 2018

We’re really excited to introduce you to our new botique location, The Loupe by JB Hudson! Located inside of Martin Patrick 3, The Loupe will feature ultra-unique pieces of jewelry from designers and artisans around the globe. Think everything from vintage Chanel to colored gemstones that have no equal, anywhere in the world.

Maybe you’re not in the market for costume jewelry or million dollar colored stones? The Loupe will also feature funky jewelry and watches that aren’t offered anywhere else in the Midwest, including our flagship store on Nicollet Mall. This is the first in a series of blogs known as Loupe Looks: an insight into these new and exciting brands we’re bringing to Minneapolis. The first will focus on Amedeo, an Italian jeweler who

The artistic drive behind Amedeo is a man who bears the same name: Amedeo Scognamiglio learned the art of carving from his father at age 16. For five generations, the Scognamiglio family has been carving cameo and shell jewelry in the town of Torre del Greco, Italy. On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Torre del Greco has a long history as the epicenter of coral carving.

A cameo is a relief engraving of where two colors meet. These two colors could be found in a gemstone, shell, or coral. The lighter color is carved away in a relief; the darker material behind provides contrast for the image to pop. This type of carving has been practiced for centuries. Some of the most elaborate examples date from the First Century (both BC and AD); serving as physical expressions of Greek and Roman mythology.  These chalices and vases were collected by kings and pharaohs—some even were held in the Library at Alexandria.

By the time the 19th Century rolled around, carved shell cameos were immensely popular with the common classes in Europe. Colonial Britain, France, and Spain had access to shells from the Bahamas and West Indies due to increased trade. These shells found their way to carvers who turned them into necklaces, pendants, and rings. The Roman and Greek influence remained: most cameo carvings still depicted goddesses in side profile.

Fast forward to modern times: carved coral or shell is no longer under the influence of Greek or Roman mythology. Amedeo still produces carved jewelry in Torre del Greco, but also in a boutique in the chic Upper East Side of New York City. His pieces blur the line between ancient art and modern fashion. Gone are stoic representations of Roman goddesses and in their place are carved monkeys, French Bulldogs, and skeletons. While the subject matter has changed, the artistry has not. Each piece is hand crafted by a jeweler steeped in the traditions of Torre del Greco, the coral and shell carving epicenter. Amedeo makes pieces for men, women, and the home.

The next time you’re in the North Loop, stop into Martin Patrick 3 and check out The Loupe! A piece of Amedeo carved jewelry is a fashionable way to honor the ancient traditions of Torre del Greco. For an appointment to see these pieces, please contact us here. To learn more about exclusive designer jewelry  making an appearance at The Loupe, check back for the next installment of Loupe Looks!