Certified Preowned Watches


Watches at their essence are timekeeping tools. No manufacturer celebrates that idea more than Breitling. Upon its founding in 1884, Leon Breitling was focused on creating chronographs for industry and science as the Industrial Revolution reached its zenith. That drive, to create timekeeping instruments for professionals, has sustained Breitling as an industry leader for over 100 years.

Perhaps the most famous Breitling watches was launched in 1952 with the Navitimer. Designed for aircraft pilots, the Navitimer eliminated the need for a slide rule to calculate important information such as average speed, distance traveled, and fuel consumption—all from a wrist watch. Other innovative watches soon followed, including the SuperOcean, Chronomat, and Professional.

Your Certified Pre-Owned Breitling timepiece from JB Hudson has been examined by our team of watchmakers and ensured that it is 100% authentic and in good running order. Each Breitling Certified Preowned timepiece comes with a one year warranty* against internal defects.