IPPOLITA was founded in 1999 by Italian artist and designer, Ippolita Rostagno. Art matters. This is Ippolita’s credo and the lens through which she creates her jewelry. Craftsmanship is essential and noticeably present in every IPPOLITA piece. The unique sculptural quality of her jewelry comes from the fact that all of the materials are fashioned as objects of craft, intention and beauty. From precious metals to unique materials to expertly cut, hand-faceted gemstones, each piece is entirely hand made, and therefore one of a kind.
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Ippolita Sterling Stadust Thick Squiggle Matte Ring (262045)
Ippolita Sterling Stardust Squiggle Ring (STRD00106)
Ippolita 18K Gold Stardust Squiggle Band (GRD00449)