JB Hudson is proud to offer a range of vintage watch repair services from our state-of-the-art shop within our downtown Minneapolis store.

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Whether your Jewelry is new or old, vintage or antique, JB Hudson can help you keep your jewelry looking its best. Our goal is to provide you with the best service for all your Jewelry repair needs.

We are proud to have finest jewelers on staff to handle all your repair service requests. Our team of highly skilled jewelers can accommodate every request from a simple jewelry repair, or a custom designed piece made especially for you. Our service consultants have many years of experience, passion, knowledge to help with your repair or custom design.

JB Hudson is member of Jewelers of America to ensure your repair will be performed professionally and ethically.


Jewelry Repair FAQS

  • Titanium is currently a metal JB Hudson can’t work on.
  • Fill out the form, and we will contact you with pricing.
  • Jewelry repairs can be completed in 4 to 14 business days depending on the complexity of the repair and current repairs scheduled. Some services including cleaning and polishing can be completed while you shop JB Hudson or the next day.
  • The jewelry repair can be dropped off at 901 Nicollet | Minneapolis, MN 55402, or fill out the form to receive shipping instructions. Curbside or couriered pick-up and delivery can be coordinated, please contact our repair service team to set up.
  • Jewelry repairs can be completed in 4 to 14 business days depending on the complexity of the repair and current repairs scheduled. Some services including cleaning and polishing can be be completed while you shop JB Hudson or next day.
  • JB Hudson believes in keeping you informed of your Jewelry repair. We can keep you up to date by email, text, phone, or mail.
  • JB Hudson inspects the Jewelry item sent to us for repair. We document a complete description of the jewelry item, noting any wear or distinguishing marks and/or serial numbers. We also photograph each jewelry repair piece we take in.

    We gather some personal data including name, mailing address, and best mode of contact so that we can update you regarding the status of your repair. The internal check-in process can take 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Ring Sizing:

    If the ring is too loose or too tight, JB Hudson can help. There are many methods in ring sizing including cutting & soldering, sizing beads, laser, and spring inserts. Depending on the ring we will apply the proper method. Prices vary but normally range from $85- $125 for sizing down and $150-$250 for sizing up. Prices increase when sizing up because the technician must add precious metal to your ring to make it fit correctly.

    Refinishing and Rhodium Plating Jewelry:

    Jewelry is meant to be loved and worn, over time the jewelry may lose some shine and scratches can appear. Our skilled jewelers will perform the refinishing processes by hand including general cleaning, polishing, or rhodium plating if the item is made out of white gold. Polishing removes a fine layer, so pieces should only be polished when necessary. Rhodium plating starts at $75.


    Looking to add a personal touch? An engraving on the inside of a ring, the case of a watch, or other pieces of jewelry can add a sentimental touch to your favorite heirloom. We handle all types of personalization, machine engraving starts at $50, hand engraving normally starts at $150.
    Contact one of the service consultants today for all the engraving services available.

    Repairing Necklaces, Chains, and Links:

    We perform all types of chain and link repairs including rope and cable chains along with herringbone chains. Trust JB Hudson for your chain repair as know chains are a difficult repair due to their complexities and are never as strong as the chain was before it was broken. These repairs normally start at $75.

    Resetting Stones:

    We handle all types of stone settings from the simple resetting of stone that has fallen out of its setting to new stone settings. Prices can range from $50 (small melee-sized gemstones) to $275+ for gems ranging 4ct and higher in size.

    Fixing Prongs and Crowns:

    The prongs of a crown (the part of the ring that holds your gemstone) are subject to everyday wear and often need to be repaired or replaced. Our expert jewelers will inspect your jewelry at no charge and offer a no-obligation estimate if repair or replacement is needed. Simple prong repair can range in price from $50 to$120, whereas complete crown replacement starts at $350.

    Bracelet Repair:

    We repair all types of bracelets from the clasp to the link. Often bracelets need to be repaired at the points where they wear the quickest: the clasp and jump ring. Like necklaces and chains, bracelets can wear and need to be repaired from time-to-time. Welding a broken bracelet start at $75.
    Contact us today about your bracelet repair needs.

    Antique Jewelry Repair:

    JB Hudson has great knowledge and resources in vintage and estate jewelry. Contact one of the service consultants today for your antique jewelry repair.


    We implore all the latest industry standards for engraving, which include laser welding and traditional soldering. JB Hudson is here to help. We use both torch and laser welding, and our technicians are trained to use the correct method for your piece of jewelry. Depending on the complexity of the items needing to be soldered, prices for this service range from $75 to $130.


    Pearls & Beads should be restrung every two or three years, depending on how repetitively they are worn. Fine pearl strands are normally strung using silk, a natural fiber that can stretch over time. Our restringing service costs $8 per inch for knotted (knots in-between each bead or pearl, keeps your pearls from rubbing against each other) and $5 per inch unknotted. JB Hudson can restring and repair pearls or beads to their original luster.
  • JB Hudson has the parts you need! Looking for an earring back, or clasp we are your parts source. With common parts in-stock at our Nicollet location, you can get the parts you need today.
  • JB Hudson appraises all types of jewelry, timepieces, and precious gemstones.

    In addition, we also can appraise lots of precious metals, including gold and silver bullion. If you are needing an appraisal for insurance replacement or any other purpose, our on-site appraiser will perform an accurate and complete appraisal for you.

    Appraisals are important for a number of reasons, which include the authentication of what you have and its replacement value. Having an accurate value is important to allow you to properly cover your jewelry, watch, diamond, and precious metals on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

    Appraisals can be useful when handling an estate. Jewelry appraisals at JB Hudson are performed by a Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA) a regarded title in the jewelry industry. After evaluation, you will a document and or electronically outlining the findings.

    Contact us today for all your appraisal needs.