Jewelry Service FAQs

Jewelry Repair FAQS

  • Titanium is currently a metal JB Hudson can’t work on.
  • Jewelry repairs can be completed in 4 to 14 business days depending on the complexity of the repair and current repairs scheduled. Some services including cleaning and polishing can be be completed while you shop JB Hudson or next day.
  • Fill out the form, and we will contact you with pricing.
  • JB Hudson can provide Jewelry repair pricing before any work is performed. Once the estimate is approved, we will complete the Jewelry repair. If our goldsmith sees anything not in scope during the jewelry repair, we will contact you for approval. Trusting JB Hudson with your Jewelry repair, there are no hidden charges with our transparent pricing model.
  • The jewelry repair can be dropped off at 901 Nicollet | Minneapolis, MN 55402, or fill out the form to receive shipping instructions. Curbside or couriered pick-up and delivery can be coordinated, please contact our repair service team to set up.
  • JB Hudson believes in keeping you informed of your Jewelry repair. We can keep you up to date by email, text, phone, or mail.
  • Payment on watch repairs is due upon completion. Payments for parts with no Jewelry repair being performed require a 20% deposit.
  • JB Hudson inspects the Jewelry item sent to us for repair. We document a complete description of the jewelry item, noting any wear or distinguishing marks and/or serial numbers. We also photograph each jewelry repair piece we take in.

    We gather some personal data including name, mailing address, and best mode of contact, so that we can update you regarding the status of your repair. The internal check-in process can take 3 to 5 minutes.