The Monica Rich Kosann collection of 18 - karat gold and sterling silver lockets, charm necklaces, bracelets, and other fine jewelry is rooted in the idea that every woman has a story to tell. The collection embraces the idea that jewelry should not just be beautiful, it should e mpower and inspire a woman. Monica’s lifelong love of art, design and photography led her first to become a fine art black & white portrait photographer. The personal nature and heirloom quality of her portraits informed her interest in jewelry design a nd led to the brand’s re - invention of lockets, charm inspired collections, and other fine jewelry as heirlooms for a new generation.
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Monica Rich Kosann 'Adventure' Compass Key
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Monica Rich Kosann 'Carpe Diem' Tag Necklace
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Monica Rich Kosann Secret Box Necklace
For the Monica Rich Kosann brand, the jewelry design process is driven by one question: "Is the style both contemporary and timeless, does it empower and inspire?" Monica says, “Living and cherishing stories is universal to us all. A locket depicts a moment unique to the wearer. A Poesy Ring, charm bracelet or necklace celebrates the story of that woman’s life — in a way, it is like a fingerprint, totally unique to that woman.”