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For over 115 years, Oris has been making purely mechanical watches in Hölstein, Switzerland. Comprised of four worlds:Diving, Aviation, Motor Sport and Culture, Oris watches are made for everyday wear and offer the luxury of common sense. That means Oris provides the best possible watch for the money, using useful complications and functional designs. Staying true to a rich heritage, Oris is one of the few Swiss watch companies to remain independently owned and operated.
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Oris Big Crown Propilot Big Day Date, ref. 01 752 7760 4065-07 5 22 08Lc
Oris Artelier Date, ref. 01 733 7721 4051-07 5 21 64Fc
Oris Aquis Gmt Date, ref. 01 798 7754 4135-07 8 24 05Peb
Oris Divers Sixty-Five, ref. 01 733 7720 4354-07 5 21 44
A big part of Oris’ story is how we behave and how we define our mission. Because of its independence, Oris has the freedom to follow its own path-#GoYourOwnWay. And it’s our mission to behave more responsibly. Our world faces numerous threats and we’re focused on bringing change for the better, which means making choices that are ecologically, socially, ad financially responsible. This is at the heart of our philosophy. Beyond our ocean conservation and recycled plastic partnerships, Oris’s mission remains unchanged–to bring you inventive, high-functioning Swiss Made watches that serve a real purpose and at prices that make sense.