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Rene Escobar is a proud third - generation jeweler. His company, Rene Escobar Jewelry, is based in South Florida. Rene’s team is committed to auth enticity, originality, and the endur ance to the beautiful ar t of hand - made jewelry. Rene’s love affair with the world of jewelry began at an early age. The fascination of watching his father, a master craftsman, create intricately beautiful pieces quickly developed into a passion. I n the early 1980’s amidst the uncertain social climate of his native Nicaragua , Rene was sent to South Florida to attend college in order to pursue an educatio n unavailable to him in his home country. However, his innate attraction to the art of jewelry making impelled him to se ek out a career as a goldsmith. J ewelry making is in his blood , but his passion is personal, he got his first position as a jeweler when he was seventeen. F or the next few years, Rene had the good fortune of working alongside some of the most skillful jewelers in South Florida allowing hi m to refine his craft.
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Rene Escobar
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Rene Escobar
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In the early 1 990s, Rene formed Rene Escobar I nc., a studio, where for nearly twenty years, he created one - of - a - kind pieces for some of the finest collectors throughout t he southeastern United States. As a private jeweler Rene has always drawn inspiration from keenly observing his clientele, in 2008 motivated by these clients , he created a collection of 18K gold, diamonds and colorful gemstone earrings , that he exhibited for the first time at The Jewelers of America Summer Show in N ew York City, the collection was a success, since then his collections have been attracting art galleries and select jewelry stores, his pieces are always evolving, always hand - made in his South Florida Studio using recycled precious metals , set with responsibly sourced gemstones, and employing traditional , as well as cutting edge jewelry - making techniques. He has trained each one of his artisans to make jewelry in the same way his father taught him . His clientele embraces Rene’s belief that each ind ividual piece of jewelry is in its own essence a work of art.