Certified Preowned Watches


Only kings wear crowns, and the king of the watch world is undisputedly Rolex. Unfaltering as the most cherished manufacture amongst the masses, Rolex has been involved in watchmaking since their founding in 1905. The name, chosen by founder Hans Wilsdorf and his partner Alfred Davis, phonetically imitates the sound of a watch being wound.

Rolex brought two revolutionary technologies to fruition: the waterproof Oyster case and the self-winding Perpetual rotor. In 1927, British swimmer Mercedes Fleitze swam the English Channel wearing a Rolex Oyster on a necklace; the watch remained waterproof during the whole 10-hour swim.

By the early 1930’s, Rolex was using their Perpetual winding system allowing their watches to be wound simply by the motion of the wrist. The combination of those two innovations would allow for the development of their most famous references—many still in current production today.

Whether you need a classic Datejust, a sporty Explorer II, or the ever-famous Submariner, JB Hudson can help find the perfect pre-owned Rolex for you. Your Certified Pre-Owned Rolex from JB Hudson has been examined by our team of watchmakers and ensured that it is 100% authentic and in good running order. Each CertifiedPre-Owned Rolex comes with a two year warranty* against internal defects.