Spark Creations has been a leading creator of the most beautiful collections of precious jewelry for over forty-five years. Our name is synonymous with the sheer elegance of top quality gemstones from around the world, and our exquisite styling matches the versatility of today’s lifestyles.
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Spark Creations Emerald & Diamond Pendant (NED00778)

Spark has been recognized throughout the jewelry industry for our award-winning designs

The One-of-a-Kind Collection takes signature jewelry icons into modern dimension while still embracing the elegance of timeless motifs. The sophisticated woman’s impeccable aesthetic ranges from avant-garde to the quintessence of classical simplicity and everywhere in between. Seeking to celebrate this broad spectrum of feminine inclinations, our One-of-a-Kind pieces are exotic, distinct, unique, and unparalleled—precisely like the woman who wears them.