Varna jewelry, established in 1989, is created as individual as the people who wear it. Known throughout the industry for excellence in craftsmanship, when you wear Varna jewelry, you can truly feel the love and passion that went into making each and every piece. All Varna unique diamond wedding rings are made in the USA in Los Angeles, California.
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Shy Creations
Diamond Huggie Earrings
Antonio Papini
Italian Gold Hoop Earrings (GEP24935)
Antonio Papini
Italian Gold Oval Drop Earrings (GEP24901)
Robert Procop
Robert Procop Masterpiece Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet (BRCB00752)
Artistry comes alive as no two Varna pieces are exactly alike. Making jewelry by hand is like creating a sculpture – a unique work art that is a reflection of one’s self. Each unique diamond ring design takes a tremendous amount of time and skill, and taking that time to ensure that each piece is meticulously flawless, is how Varna upholds its high standards and excellence in quality. Through the years, their collections have grown extensively and they have never been bound to a specific genre; instead, their main focus is to create unique diamond ring designs and perfectly execute each piece of jewelry. The Varna creed is simple: Flawless Harmony; Naturally in Balance; Inspires Timeless Grace