Taking care of your watch and jewelry will help preserve its beauty. There are many ways to care for watches and jewelry we offer some simple ways below. Personalized advice from one our repair consultants is available, contact us today!

  • Watches like jewelry does endure some wear and dirt over time, keeping your watch clean on the outside lessens the chance of it getting dirty on the inside. Wipe off your watch periodically to remove dust, dirt, moisture and perspiration.

    NON water-resistant watches:

    Avoid any exposure to any moisture, wipe the watch with a dry soft cloth. JB Hudson offers this cloth as a complimentary service, inquiry to receive a free cloth.

    Water-resistant watches:

    We recommend using a soft damp cloth to clean the head of the watch. After done cleaning with the damp cloth, wipe off with dry soft cloth. JB Hudson offers this cloth as a complimentary service, inquiry to receive a free cloth.

    Metal bracelets:

    We recommend using a soft b ristle brush and mild soap and water solution to clean your bracelet.
  • Manual Watches:

    JB Hudson recommends winding your watchfully at the same time every day.
    Professional tip be careful not to force the crown. When you feel resistance or the crown stops, stop winding. When forcing the crown damage can be done to the setting mechanism.

    Automatic Watches:

    Automatic watches are designed to be worn every day with some level of activity.
    To achieve power, give the crown 20 to 40 turns, then wear.
    Professional tip if the watch has a screw-down crown make sure to secure the crown. Doing this will ensure the integrity of water-tight feature on the watch.
    If you wear your automatic watch daily, we recommend winding once every two weeks, if not worn daily wind twice a week.

    Date Setting:

    Professional tip is avoiding setting the date between 9 PM and 3 AM, doing so can cause damage to the movement.
  • A typical quartz watch battery has an average life of 1 to 3 years. There many factors that determine the life of a battery including age, type of watch (i.e. analog, digital), condition of movement, and amount of functions on a watch.

    If your quartz watch has stopped we recommend getting the battery replaced as soon as possible to avoid the battery from leaking causing damage to the interworking of the watch.
  • Impacts:

    Sudden shocks or impacts to your watch may result in possible damage to the case, movement, crystal, dial, and hands, as well as void your warranty.

    Some impacts can leave no physical marks on the outside of the watch. If the watch is running off and an impact is suspected, let one of the trained watchmakers diagnose the watch.

    Extreme Temperatures:

    Avoid variable temperatures which include above 60’C/140’F and below 0’C/32’F.

    Magnetic Fields:

    Watches exposed to anything containing a magnet can and will cause these watches to run incorrectly. This is especially true in Mechanical watches.


    Like jewelry, we recommend putting your watch on last, after creams, make-up, or fragrances.
    Take your watch off when working with any solvents.