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Our staff is committed to outstanding customer service and we love hearing from our loyal customers. Read our favorites below and feel free to send us your own!
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Dear Kelly,

I wanted to say thank you to you for being so professional and helping me get through the nightmare with State Farm. Robert Foote was able to help us find a replacement diamond but not without your help! It is so refreshing to know there are still people like you in the world who put service before profit. I will not hesitate to recommend people to you in the future and I hope I can stop in sometime and say hello. I wish you continued success!

Sue R

Dear Julie,

We were so excited to receive your gift last week. The crystal clock is gorgeous and we have found a special place in our home to put it! As “time” marches on, we will certainly think of you when we look at the clock. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and generous gift.

With Love,

Sherri & John N

PS You were so wonderful to work with during our search for the perfect wedding ring. You made it so much fun for us! You are truly the best!

Dear Kelly,

Thank you for all the time you shared with me to help me on my journey of my engagement to Jose. It’s been a wonderful time of my life to celebrate this relationship in a very moving and deeply profound way holding onto traditions that go back in the ages. The education and care shown to me over many lunch hours allowed me to learn and dream away of what might someday become my happily ever after with him and share that knowledge while he learned about purchasing an engagement ring.

Thank you for everything. I look forward to stopping in again soon!

Sincerely yours,
Michele R

Dear Jeannie,

I recently got an engagement ring from JB Hudson and I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with your store and Christy Kirk. Could not have been more patient and helpful and made it a truly wonderful experience for us. I love my ring and we will definitely be coming back to JB Hudson in the future to work with Christy again.

Best Regards,

Lindsey S

Hi Barry,

Kim is really enjoying the ring and receiving many compliments. I make sure I tell all who ask that I purchased it from JB Hudson.

Joseph A. G.


Insert smile here 🙂

As you mentioned that you appreciated the e-mail I had sent to you and Julie a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to make certain that you also received the appropriate “thanks” from me.

I am sincere in my thanking you yesterday for your kind willingness to assist me after arriving unannounced to retrieve the gift. You were fun, engaging and made me most comfortable. I enjoyed our chat, albeit brief, and will look forward to seeing you on future trips to downtown.

Again, THANKS!

Tom A


Joel and I want to thank you for helping find the most perfect ring. You were an absolute joy to work with, and boy did you work hard…that is what Joel has told me.

Thank you for helping create a truly special moment.

Alyssa & Joel

Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to thank you again for the great customer service today. It was so nice to meet you and I look forward to working with you in the future. As I mentioned, I am a long way from purchasing but do appreciate your time, expertise and advice thus far.

Monica C

Dear Kelly & All,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! My mirror on the wall is so beautiful! It tells a wonderful story when I look to see if I’m ok! You were so thoughtful to think of me.

See you soon.


Hello Kelly,

I wanted to send you a short note regarding my new bands. First-thank you for your great service and care in assisting us through the replacement-it’s most appreciated.

Secondly-I do love the bands and am so pleased with the choice.

Hope all is well!

Take care & best regards,
Linda & John S


Beth and I would like to thank you and Barry for the level of service you have provided and for making the “diamond in the rough” (literally) situation right. 
Beth has expressed how great everyone and JB Hudson has been to work with.

Thank you for taking care of us!

Mike M


This is just a little token of appreciation for your wonderful service to both Nate and me as we selected and purchased our wedding bands. Your smile and sincere care for each of us was humbling and appreciated at what can often be an exhausting and sensitive time.

The wedding was just beautiful, without a hitch and we received many compliments on our choice of rings. Hudson’s was well advertised that evening ☺

You and your family are in our prayers as you face the challenges of medical questions. Find comfort in knowing that there are prayers being directed your way.

Warmest regards,

Nate & Stephanie

Dear Ms. Thomas,

It’s not every day that someone makes the sacrifice you did, by offering my husband Ned, your own beautifully designed earrings. They are a work of art. It is miraculous how perfectly they match the ring my mother gave me. Over the holidays I had the chance to wear them several times. These exquisite gems will have an honored place in my jewelry box.

Thanks you so much.
Flo C


Please accept my sincere appreciation in assisting me with my wife’s anniversary ring. Your kind patience and positive attitude truly made a difference. When arriving yesterday, I did not intend to make a purchase as it was more of a “look see” time. You made the sale!

I hope making the credit card purchase was not an issue for you and your management. I had fully intended to write a check. I will look forward to seeing you the week of the 15th of December.

Let your colleague know I appreciated her humor when I came back in with my coffee. It represented the entire shopping experience within your store…comfortable, fun, yet professional. In spite of being left out in the cold early, the greetings by everyone this morning warmed me up.

A big thanks Julie! Happy Thanksgiving,

Tom A

Julie and Bruce,

Thanks so much for the champagne at the Dakota on our wedding day! It was so thoughtful and generous and made a wonderful surprise!

We love our wedding rings!

Shane and Sarah L

Dear Eric,

Thank you very much for being so helpful finding the right jewelry for my son and his fiance. We were all very pleased with the help and selections.

You are a very professional and friendly person. Please know you have earned our trust and when we are in need of a special gift, we will be sure to come back to you.

Thank you again,

Blanca & Gary B

Hi Tina,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for helping me with my new watch. It was so nice of you to take the time to remove a few links-and at no charge!! Thank you! I’ll be in to check out the new Chanel after the renovation.


Victoria W

Dear Mary,

Steve & I just wanted to say thank you for helping us design the ring…it looks great! We appreciate your awesome communication skills with the ring guy.

Thanks again!

Erin & Steve

Dear Linda,

Rosemarie was very happy to receive her JB Hudson gifts for her birthday and Christmas this year. The bracelet and ring made an extraordinary impact due to their beautiful packaging. I very much appreciate your help and the careful and attractive wrapping you gave these gifts. And even though only one of them was a complete surprise, it was the “presentation” that made all of them special.

Thank you!

Bill R

PS If you have any gift suggestions in the future, you can email me ☺

Dear Jeannie,

A quick note to say how helpful Kathleen Pascuzzi was in helping me chose a special piece of jewelry. My mother had just passed away and her kindness and expertise were appreciated when I was under stress.

Margaret R


I just came across an email I had saved from you. I want you to know that I have not forgotten how efficiently and effectively you focused on solving my watch issue last year. I continue to look at JB Hudson as the first place I would go for my jewelry and watch purchases.

Regards again, and a very Merry Christmas-I wish you a prosperous season.

David P

Hi Pat,

Received bracelet in the mail and gave it to Karen for our 25th yesterday. She is thrilled and I thank you for handling everything promptly and professionally.

Best Regards,


Trust me when I say YOU have no idea how refreshing it was to find a jeweler like yourself who is as enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their product as you. You made the experience so far a really exciting thing.



Thank you for your assistance, that is, great customer service. Too bad not every company was like that, you won my business. Thanks again, have a good day and a great weekend.

Will P

Hi Jennifer,

My fiancé, Natasha and I (Ben) stopped in this morning to check out some engagement rings and I wanted to follow up on a couple things.

First, I wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job helping us. We came in with little to no diamond knowledge and we left 40 minutes later feeling like we handle on the diamond market ad having put together an engagement ring that Natasha was looking for and showed us the perfect pieces, completely without pressure, truly a great experience. Please forward this email to your boss so he/she knows what a fantastic job you’re doing.

Secondly, I’d like to get the ball rolling on purchasing an engagement ring! I’ll give you as much information as I have, but let me know if I need to come in to start this process.

Ideally, I’d love to come down Thursday morning to pick it up and complete the transaction.

Thanks again!

Ben M

Hi Jeannie,

My brother-in-law, Chris G, said that he ran into you at the Twin Cities Periodontics last week and that you two got to talking about the kiss cam. My husband and I were featured on the kiss cam on Monday, May 23rd, two days after our wedding (Couple #4). We were there with a big group—family and friends from all over the country. I have ALWAYS wanted to get on the kiss cam, and it was so cool to be featured when we were there with so many of our loved ones. I think Chris probably told you about our friends who were also featured that same day—when the camera focused on our best man and one of the bridesmaids (who are not a couple), my maid of honor swooped in and kissed Kelsey instead (Couple #8). The entire event made for a hilarious and memorable night. We have been talking and laughing about it ever since.

Thanks for making our evening so fun!

Monica H


Yes, she truly loves it!

I asked her about a little more than a week ago after had a chance to settle back into Hong Kong. We have just been on a ride of family and friends celebrating and wanting to talk to us or see pictures since then. Honestly, I was going to try to wait a bit longer to ask, but the ring was too beautiful to sit in a box any longer!

Thanks again for all of your help with this purchase. We are very pleased with it. Maddy has been getting numerous compliments from people about it. I couldn’t have designed something so amazing without your help.

Anyways, we plan to swing by the store around Christmas when we are back and can show it to you on its new home!



Hi Patrick,

I’m Jenna W, Austian B’s fiancé (that’s the first time I’ve gotten to write that!!!) I wanted to tell you a HUGE thank you! My ring is absolutely the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. It surpassed all of my expectations!!!!!!! Thank you for, making this such a memorable and great experience for Austin and me!

Jenna W

My fiancé proposed to be in November with the most gorgeous ring I could ever imagine. Patrick in Minneapolis helped him design it just for me. Patrick was amazing when we worked with him. I am really looking forward to working with him for all of our jewelry purchases.


Hello Patrick!

First of all I want to apologize for the delay in thanking you for getting us Twins tickets for our anniversary celebration. We had a fantastic time! I did end up getting a scoreboard message to surprise Mark that read “Cheers to Sports & Beer. I’d marry you again Mark”. When I purchased the scoreboard message and I wanted to wait to send you a thank you until I had the picture to share, however the Twins are really taking their old sweet time in sending that picture so I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer to thank you and share the pictures from the game. It ended up being a really exciting game and a win to top it off. We even got to see a fan dressed in a dog suit jump onto the field and run across the field dodging security guards like a running back before he finally slipped and was tackled by several security workers. It was hilarious! The seats were amazing, now we are spoiled and will have a tough time going to the game with the general public again! ☺ We stayed at the Ivy and just truly enjoyed our entire evening. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our five year anniversary.

Warm regards,

Shannon & Mark


Thank you sooo much for all of your help with the ring; without your unending patience and insight as the most wonderful Jeweler in all of the Twin Cities I still would be looking for the right diamond! JB Hudson is fortunate to have you on their team!



Thank you for everything! We don’t even know where to begin. You were so helpful walking us through the engagement ring process. You were also so helpful to pick out wedding bands. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks again!

Love, Bret & Meghann


Thank you so much for all of your help in picking out Brittney’s engagement ring. She absolutely loves it!

I really appreciate all of the time spent helping me select a diamond. Despite how nervous I was, you made the process very exciting, fun and stress free.

Although we are moving to Chicago, Brittney and I are looking forward to buying our wedding bands from JB Hudson!

Thanks again!

Dan K

We bought all 3 of our rings from Christy at JB Hudson. She is incredible. The quality of service and products is much better than anywhere else we shopped. In fact, we have gone back twice to shop for other products since our wedding!

Laura B

When my husband and I started shopping for rings, we went to JB Hudson first before shopping around a few other jewelers. After starting at JB Hudson, everything else seemed like a disappointment in comparison, both in product and service. We worked with Kelly Thomas, who wasphenomenal. Our first shopping trip she was very helpful in educating us about diamond quality and grading, respected our budget, and created a welcoming environment. I found myself hoping I would end up with the JB Hudson ring so that we could also buy our wedding rings there. True to form, my husband read my mind and got the JB Hudson setting. Not only that, but we ended up using a family diamond instead of buying one and JB Hudson worked with us to customize the setting around our stone. She was very helpful with scheduling payments, and gave us timing guidelines for when we should be shopping for and picking up our wedding bands. Kelly worked with us via e-mail, too, which made everything very convenient and friendly. I work downtown and I found myself stopping in to get my ring cleaned for bridal showers, engagement photos, etc. and to say hi to Kelly. She was always willing to catch up and clean my ring (this is complimentary service). Not only is the showroom gorgeous, and the rings phenomenal, but this is such a good experience overall. I truly think JB Hudson will be a jeweler we return to for many special occasions throughout our married life.

Jen S

We worked with Kimberly the whole time. She was very knowledgeable but, there were some hiccups in the whole process which surprised me. They gave my wedding band to someone else so even though I picked out my specific one, what we wanted engraved on it, tried it on to fit the right size – I had to go through this twice. The other thing that happened which is not JB Hudson’s fault but, my husband’s band was also not the right amount of gold we paid for so they had the jeweler make the right one a second time. We paid for “the good stuff” and it was definitely not the right amount of gold that we paid for. Makes you wonder if anything you get is really what you paid for. I will say my husband was not the easiest to work with but, Kimberly did awesome with him and she definitely knew her jewelry! I will go back to JB Hudson and work with Kimberly.

Vicki A

I purchased a watch from Jennifer Santiago at JB Hudson five years ago, for our 5th wedding anniversary. My experience and interaction with Jennifer back then was so great that it was an easy decision to reach out to Jennifer again last week, when I upgraded my watch for our 10 year wedding anniversary! My experience has been nothing short of phenomenal! Jennifer is knowledgable, patient, personable and professional. Not to mention, she has an amazing eye for jewelry and educating you on what is new and up-and-coming. Barry, the manager was excellent as well. When looking at any type of jewelry large or small, I will always feel confident when purchasing anything from Jennifer Santiago and the amazing staff down at JB Hudson jewelers, Minneapolis.

JB Hudson Jewelers is hands down the most amazing place ever! Their level of service is incredible, they make you feel like you are the most important person there. They host incredible events, have the best jewelery around and will go out of their way to make your experience second to none.

Ashley H

After finding the perfect engagement at another retailer, my then finance and I, struggled to find the perfect wedding band for the big day. Sadly, we purchased a “simple” band for the ceremony with hopes to find a diamond band later. I contacted Jennifer at JB Hudson to be on the look out for a diamond band that would not only look and feel great, but also not outshine my sparkly engagement ring. I am proud to say, after a few anniversaries, we purchased the PERFECT band today! To top it off, they fit the “simple” band, while my new ring was being cleaned, so that I can wear it on my right hand. We are overjoyed with the purchase and more impressed with the service. If you are looking for a jewelry store that cares, shop no more!!!

April K

For a long time now I have been deciding on the perfect gift for my fiancé for our wedding day. He does not want a ring but I knew I still wanted to give him something that he will have forever. I do not live in Minnesota but on the outstanding referral of a friend they gave me Jennifer’s contact information. I emailed with Jennifer over the next several months and she made me feel as though I was talking to a friend and not a saleswoman. I finally ended up taking the plunge and buying the most handsome, amazing watch from her!! I have never been in the store so my review is strictly based on the awesome customer service I received. This watch is perfect and I cannot wait for the reaction! Thank you JB and Jennifer!

Camilla A

My girlfriend and I have been together the past four years, and I finally decided to pop the question, although I’m not sure she would have let me wait much longer! : ) She’s the love of my life, and I wanted to find the perfect ring and had no idea where to begin. Choosing an engagement ring was a process I was not looking forward to, but Jennifer at JB Hudson was wonderful. I couldn’t have found a better person or store to help me find the perfect ring. She was professional and funny and it helped me enjoy the experience. Too nervous to buy the ring the first day, I went back to the store three more times before I made the purchase. Every time I returned I was greeted warmly by the staff and Jennifer was ready and willing to sit down and answer any questions that came to mind. I recommend JB Hudson to any person looking to find the perfect ring for that special someone. Thank you!!!

JB Hudson Jewelers downtown Minneapolis goes above and beyond to be helpful, informative, customer focused and friendly. My finance said that with Jen’s help from JB Hudson, he was able to make a really informed decision to surprise me with the perfect engagement ring. After he proposed, we went in to meet Jen and the staff and they genuinely shared in our energy and enjoyment of being engaged, on top of providing excellent service and information on sizing, care, and other info for my gorgeous ring. We couldn’t be happier with JB Hudson!

Ana V

My experience with JB Hudson couldn’t have been better. They have all the qualities you’d expect in a top-notch jeweler: selection, expertise, professionalism, and class. But the thing that really meant the most was the genuine and personal nature of the people. I worked with Jen to select my engagement ring and she’s an absolute delight.


My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Santiago at J.B. Hudson. Over the entire 9 month period, Jennifer provided unparalleled service and direction in helping us pick not only our wedding bands but also gifts for our parents, grandparents, and entire bridal party. Her and the entire team at J.B. Hudson were respectful of our budget and spent an inordinate amount of time helping us to ensure each gift felt personal and customized. I look forward to working with J.B. Hudson for important life events in the coming years.

From the moment we walked into JB Hudson, we were thrilled. We were greeted by a friendly employee, offered something to drink, and given a chance to explore the vast amount of offerings JB had in stock. We were assisted by an extremely friendly employee who took quite a bit of time to get to know us, what we wanted, and then the real fun began. We’d look at a couple rings, then based off those ones we liked/disliked, we were recommended others that fit the bill. We must have tried on 30 rings – and at no point did we feel any sort of pressure to hand a credit card over immediately. We were guests and treated as such. It was a wonderful experience and the knowledge that lives inside those walls is amazingly skilled. Go!

We we’re helped by Jennifer S on both our visits to the store. She was more than helpful, went above and beyond to make sure our questions and concerns were answered, and was just overall fun and enjoyable to work with! The level of quality JB offers is also top notch and hard to be compared to other stores in the area. We were very happy with our experience at JB. If you’re in the market, stop in and you won’t be disappointed!

Everyone we encountered at JB Hudson was a complete delight to work with. In picking out our engagement ring and wedding rings we worked especially close with Jennifer Santiago. Through this process she was part counselor, part comedian, part confidant, and of course our critical expert. Jennifer was exactly what we needed.. when we needed it. I can’t imagine getting our rings from anywhere else…and actually look forward to going for ring cleanings just to say hello.

Leah B

When you are planning to spend the rest of your life with someone, one of the key parts is the engagement ring. Every girl wants something sparkly and that is where Jennifer Santiago came in. Right as my fiance and I walked into JB Hudson we were welcome with a smile from the staff. We were just looking around when Jennifer came up to us and ask us if she could help. We told her that we were looking for engagement rings and right then and there she smiled and said “I am your girl”. We had such a great experience trying to find the perfect ring and now we are happy engaged to be wed in June 2015. Jennifer made the process special and exciting. I couldn’t have asked for a more special experience, thank you Jennifer for everything!

Katie R

This rings aren’t cheap, but the experience of shopping at JB Judson paired with the quality of their rings – made the price worth it. We purchased my engagement ring and both of our bands from JB Hudson. After dealing with a few too-pushy sales people at other stores – JB Hudson was a breath of fresh air! They have a beautiful selection that isn’t overwhelming. And they are more than willing to spend time with you, and encourage you to think about it and stop back. That’s a rare thing to find in any wedding vendor.

Kayleen A

From engagement rings to wedding bands-a spectacular experience. Beautiful selection and ability to design something unique. Ask for Kelly-she is AMAZING!!

Joanie L

We choose JB Hudson Jewelers in Minneapolis to purchase not only our wedding rings but also our wedding gifts. We feel that the quality is second to none! Beautiful store and beautiful merchandise

Kayla N

We went to JB Hudson for fun while we were looking for engagement rings and were surprised to find prices that we could afford. The service was amazing, from picking out our ring, our center stone and to making sure we were happy. When it was time to buy our wedding bands there was no question that we should go back to JB Hudson and we will be back again!

Niki E

My Fiance purchased the diamond for my engagement ring here and was so happy, that we also purchased my wedding band. They’ve been so helpful and informative throughout the process. I know I’ll be back for anything else we might need in the future, but also for the care of my engagement and wedding rings.

Katie B

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