Norqain: You'll Want One On Your Wrist

Norqain: You'll Want One On Your Wrist

Norqain: Live Life On Your Own Terms

Swiss watchmaker Norqain has made a splash since its founding in 2018. The brand specializes in skeletonized and precise sports watches, including the limited-edition collaboration with the NHLPA released during the NHL’s All-Star Weekend. Its logo even represents Swiss mountain peaks, and these watches are so tough that they're well-suited for outdoor pursuits.

Recently, Mark Wahlberg made a statement with the Norqain Wild One Turquoise on The Late Show.

In an era where personal style serves as a powerful form of self-expression, Wahlberg's choice to wear the NORQAIN Wild ONE Turquoise speaks volumes. It reflects a bold departure from conventional fashion norms, signaling a shift towards embracing individuality and celebrating uniqueness.

Like Mark, you will want a Norqain watch on your wrist.

 Norqain Watch Collections:

  • Independence Collection: innovative sports watches with precise, Swiss-made automatic movements that can handle heavy physical activity.
  • The Adventure Collection: rugged yet stylish GMT and chronograph watches.
  • The Freedom Collection: vintage-inspired watch designs with modern internals.