Picchiotti: Jewelry With A Twist

Picchiotti: Jewelry With A Twist

Picchiotti's remarkably successful Xpandable™ collection now has an all-new twist … literally. The new Reversible Xpandable collection has broken the boundaries of fine jewelry design with patent-pending technology that allows one piece of jewelry to have two different designs. Imagine being able to wear an all-gold OR an all-diamond look with a simple turn of your fingers.  It is now possible and offered in a wide array of Picchiotti's styles in bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. 

Giuseppe Picchiotti, founder and head of the Italian heritage brand, commented on the inspiration behind the new collection… “One recurring comment I have heard from my customers around the world is ‘I want jewelry that I can wear.’ I have always loved the idea of jewelry that can solve problems, so our design team started to explore the value of versatility. Offering two designs in one gives my clients more opportunities to wear the jewelry that they love so much. And the best part is – we have only just begun! The design possibilities are endless.”

The new reversible styles build upon the incredible success of our Xpandable™ collection which launched in 2016 with only a few styles but now has well over 200 designs. Well-loved by customers across the globe, the invisible durable Xpandable technology lets the jewelry expand and contract, allowing rings to easily slide over knuckles or be worn on various fingers and eliminating the need for cumbersome bracelet clasps. Now, the Reversible Xpandable rings and bracelets add the element of versatility.  They still expand and contract but now they can also easily be flipped over, while being worn, to reveal a completely different design.

All of the reversible bracelet and ring designs are stackable and engineered for durability and comfortable wear. They can also be worn seamlessly with luxury watches and other favored bracelets already in the wardrobe.

Ty on these designs and explore the versatility you can add to your wardrobe, at JB Hudson.